• Craftsmanship and Quality

    Boboobus uphold the highest quality standards, meticulously crafting each piece of jewelry.

  • Pearls and Gemstones

    Whether you seek a classic pearl necklace or a distinctive gemstone ring, we offer a selection to suit your preferences.

  • Unique Design

    What distinguishes Boboobus is our unwavering commitment to originality.


Brand Creation

Established in 2021 amidst the vibrant landscapes of China, Boboobus is a brand committed to crafting extraordinary pieces.

We specialize in creating exquisite jewelry pieces crafted from 18K Gold Vermeil, adorned with the natural allure of freshwater pearls and vibrant gemstones.

Our designs not only exude fashion-forward elegance but are also water-safe and friendly to sensitive skin. With an unwavering mission, we aim to infuse joy into the lives of those who wear our creations.

Row Subheading

Brand Story

In the classic Chinese tale "The White Snake Borrowing the Pearl" from "Legend of the White Snake," a white snake named Bai Niangzi seeks help from a pearl to save her husband Xu Xian. Despite facing challenges, Bai Niangzi obtains the pearl and uses its magical power to rescue Xu Xian, showcasing enduring love triumphing over fate. This story highlights pearls as mystical symbols in Chinese culture.

BOBOOBUS champions lifelong companionship and enduring love, ensuring steadfast commitment and sincere protection.


Affordable Luxury

Here, we bring you the noble quality of pearl jewelry without the need for expensive prices. We understand that luxury shouldn't only exist on high price tags. Through our selection, you can fully enjoy the elegance and splendor of pearls, making every moment of wearing them unique and precious. Choose us, let your charm shine, and your wallet feel at ease.

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Exquisite Packaging

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