In the jewelry world, few things exude timeless elegance and sophistication like pearls. Renowned for their lustrous glow and captivating allure, pearls have been treasured throughout history as symbols of grace and beauty.

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Pearl Necklaces

Unique in their ability to carry an outfit from day to night, a sophisticated necklace made from pearls is anl essential and elegant addition to any fine jewelry collection.


Story behind the BOBOOBUS brand

Draws inspiration from the ancient Chinese mythological tale, "Legend of the White Snake." This story embodies a profound love narrative, brimming with romance, legend, and captivating emotions. Much like the White Snake in the tale, our designs exude elegance and mystery. Each piece of jewelry pays homage to this classic story, aiming to ignite dreams and emotional resonance deep within people's hearts.

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Exquisite Packaging

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Buyer Reviews

  • Meg Taylor

    My daughter and mother both love it- which tells me, it is both perfect for all ages. I wish I had a photo- but they were both purchased as gifts.

  • Mairim

    My husband gifted this necklace to me as a present and I absolutely love it! The pearl pendant is the perfect size and looks gorgeous. It is great quality!

  • Mattand Kim

    I bought it to replace a similar style necklace (but 5 times the price) that had faded over several years of daily wear. I've worn this necklace daily for over two months and it still looks brand new!

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